Welcome to the North East 500 🍂

The North East of Scotland has lots to offer in our communities, from picturesque natural scenery and landscapes, as well as fascinating points of interest of the North East’s history and our culture.

However, it can be hard and time-consuming to find these jewels to explore without local knowledge!

The North East 500 has been created to help people unlock the full potential of our natural back garden, through sharing local knowledge of locations along a spectacular North East route, so we can encourage travelling locally on a budget, whilst at the same time encouraging responsible and sustainable tourism.

We want to highlight local business, showcase our cultural heritage, provide information for memorable experiences when exploring on foot or by bike, leaving no trace behind and staying that wee bit longer! Not only do we want to share the sights and sounds of the North East’s four great cities but also highlight how much the neighbouring communities have to offer!

So…“Who are We” We are a small, family-run business with our business journey being very new. It all started through a family knowledge and appreciation of the history and beauty for outdoors in the North East of Scotland, through our trips to wild places and experiencing great communities around the coast and through the mountains.

We now have a strong desire to share the thrill of discovery with locals and visitors alike and we believe as we move into the future, it is an important time to help the North East’s economy rebuild, by promoting our local businesses, supporting our local communities and encouraging responsible outdoor activities.

To do this, we have created a 500-mile route around the North East to complete on separate occasions and in sections which highlight outdoor exploring and history/cultural points of interest, for others to create memories of their own.

BUT everything starts from an idea, and as we grow, we want your help! We want your ideas! We want to grow alongside you! 

Follow our social media pages to have your input on ideas and watch our development. Your journey starts now!

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