Who we are

"We want to share the breath-taking locations"

We are a Scottish family who was born and grew up in the North East of Scotland. We grew up road-tripping around the North East in our cosy little caravan, with our spotted dalmatian.

Through my dad’s knowledge, and our appreciation of the history and the beauty of the outdoors, we want to help share local knowledge in a time where it is important, in helping to support our local communities and their businesses.

We are here to help people unlock the full potential of what we have in our own “North East Back Garden”. We want to share the breath-taking locations, highlight fantastic local businesses, showcase our superb heritage and culture and tell interesting stories so that we all can enjoy getting outside and exploring. We also want to promote the North East’s doggy friendly locations to keep our four-legged friends happy!

Our Secrets
Now Yours

Our mission

We are on a mission to showcase what the North East of Scotland has to offer.

Come and connect with the North East and create your own memories!

“Your journey starts now!”

Our values

  • We want to get involved in encouraging local travel that is accessible on a budget.
  • We want to get involved in encouraging responsible and sustainable tourism, through promoting outside exploring whether on foot or bike, leaving no trace behind and staying that wee bit longer!
  • We want to get involved with helping people to have fun and to relax, by creating a 500-mile route around the North East which is split into six sections and where you can complete it on six different occasions so that you can take it slowly and enjoy.
  • We want to get involved by sharing information on our unique communities, in sharing the importance the North East’s larger cities but also highlight how much the smaller communities also have to offer!

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